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Losing the Human Touch to Protect Data

Human nature means that we tend to default to the easiest option when faced with difficult and serious issues, and this can be the case when it comes to securing our data and information systems. In the early days of information security, we focused on preventing access to the data we valued. We installed firewalls […]

Protecting Data when it is Most Vulnerable

Most organizations understand the need to protect data against cyber-attacks and data breaches by using encryption. Unfortunately, even the most well-informed and well-intentioned fail to encrypt their data when and where it is most vulnerable. Too often, they are not getting the protection they think they are when implementing full disk encryption or when told […]

10 trends shaping the future of conferencing

The Conferencing services market is estimated to grow by 23% in the next seven years (2014-2021). The exponential growth will be spurred by high growth rates in visual communications and collaboration, growth of virtual teams, cost reduction and productivity enhancements. Thanks to the guys at EZTalk this list is based on research conducted on more […]